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Simple Horse Purchase Agreement

1. Identify the parts. These are buyers and sellers, including addresses, phone numbers and social security or federal tax identification numbers. The seller on the contract must be the person (s) listed on the horse`s registration papers. If the seller and registered owner are different, the seller`s power to sell the horse could be called into question. When a partnership or company owns a horse on a breeding register, the registry may require the signature of a person or person; Contact the registration for questions about the necessary possession or signatures. 7. Pre-emption review. If the buyer decides not to proceed with the pre-emption examination, inserts in the contract a rating indicating that the buyer has refused a pre-emption examination on horseback. This documentation helps protect the seller if the untested horse becomes paralyzed shortly after the sale, unless the seller may have lied by answering direct questions about solidity. Lesson Agreement Sun fire stables of waterford, llc 33822a hwy 20 east troy, wi 53120 2625142797 jennifer gaudes certified instructor 2622107297 horseaholic73 please read carefully before signing serious injuries can… A Horse Bill of Sale could save you time and money.

For example, if the newly purchased horse is found to be lame or has medical problems, this document may be useful in a future complaint about a fraudulent sale. Actor Tom Selleck, best known for his role in Magnum, P.I., successfully won more than $187,000 after selling Zorro, a lame horse that would have been fit for the competition in 2009. There are only a few people here who could often benefit from a simple Horse Bill of Sale: it is a legally binding document. In fact, you will need this document if there is ever an argument about who the true owner of the horse is, or if questions about its ancestry arise. When buying or selling horses, check to see if your condition requires a trademark inspection before transferring ownership of the cattle. Sale contract – final confirmation of agency 1 buyer and seller confirm that they have received the Oregon real estate disclosure agency Sinfomphlet, and confirm below and approve 2 for the following agency relationships in this transaction: 3… If you`re sure this is the horse you want, then it`s time to negotiate a price. Write it down as soon as an agreement has been reached.

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