Manuscript Consulting

Are you looking for a fresh, impartial critique to help prepare your manuscript for submission? An opinion from someone with years of experience in the literary world? Honest feedback from an author who has been published and has an intimate knowledge of the industry?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I have ten years of experience in publishing, and have spent over twenty years teaching various levels of English and Creative Writing.

Combine my love of reading, writing, and teaching, and you have an experienced author who not only enjoys the critiquing process but also takes the time to offer the most constructive and supportive advice possible.

I will edit most fiction genres and memoirs for the middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult audience, from short stories and novellas up to approximately 125,000 words (500 pages) in length. I also accept partial projects. In addition, I offer feedback on query letters and synopses.

My main goal is to guide writers in honing overall aspects of voice, plotting, and narrative, as well as polishing the nitty-gritty details, all while staying true to the heart of the story. I hope to fuel the passion writers have for the manuscript they are creating, and to offer a final push to enhance the piece in preparation for submission.


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“I reached out to Kristina when I was struggling to land an agent for my first novel. Her feedback made me to rethink where I’d started my book, and it forced me to dig much deeper into my character’s motivations. I added five new chapters to my book and reworked all the rest. The result was a deeper, more meaningful story. Shortly after I incorporated Kristina’s feedback, I signed with a literary agency in New York. I couldn’t have done it without her.” —Fredrick Marion, author of The Very Strange and Very Secret Trashcan Club

“Kristina McBride is fabulous! She has the uncanny ability to catch things other people miss. Even better, she highlights both strengths to build on and areas ripe for improvement. Character, plot, pacing, dialogue . . . Kristina delivers on every level. I always walk away from a Kristina edit inspired and armed with an action plan to dig deeper. Highly recommended for seasoned authors and new writers alike.” —Kay Cassidy, Award-winning author of The Cinderella Society series

“Kristina McBride has the unique ability to identify not only the substantive issues in your writing – pacing, character development, plot – but also the grammatical and stylistic issues that can doom a submission. Her critiques are thoughtful, instructive and kind. As a fellow writer, I have relied on our sharing of writing to improve my own works and to support my writing endeavors.” —Janet E. Irvin, author of The Dark End of the Rainbow