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Books + People + Food = Fun!

I love a good book festival. Books + People + Food = Fun! The Pickerington Public Library’s YA Fest on July 25th was no exception. An all-day event, the PPL YA Fest offered guests the chance to mingle and chat with YA authors from a variety of genres, attend panel discussions, as well as the chance to soak up info presented during several writing workshops. The day was a whirlwind of fun and inspiration. Plus, there were food trucks. Books. And authors. Lots and lots of authors.

Now, I must take a moment to share how much I love authors, and how being part of such an amazing group is a totally exhilarating experience. First off, authors are awesome – funny and witty and sassy and smart. They bring treats to entice readers (which means I get extra chocolate for the day). And they understand me. The crazy part of me that obsesses over character traits and tangled plots, and the excited part of me that needs more books. Authors are supportive too, offering kind words and spot-on advice whenever needed. No matter how long I do this, I will always be honored to be part of a family of authors, those in Ohio and beyond.


Demitria Lunetta, Me, Jody Casella, Kate Karyus


Geoffrey Girard, Cinda Chima, Natalie Richards


Me, Paul Melko, Mindee Arnett


Me, Colleen Clayton, Lisa Klein


The Authors


And the all-important Goofy Shot

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