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Books by the Banks – Part II

Book festivals are so much fun. I mean, really. What’s better than hanging out in a room full of authors, surrounded by books for an entire day? Not much. Especially when the author list includes some of my top faves of all time. The best part, though, is meeting the wide variety of the people who come through. As an author for young adults, one of my favorite things is to meet teen readers who are as excited about reading as I was at their age. My day in Cincinnati was a special one for many reasons, but one of the best moments was when a sixteen-year-old girl walking through stopped at my table, excited to see the cover of my first book, The Tension of Opposites. She pointed and said, “I bought that book when we were here last year and I love it. I’ve read it four times already!” Now, that, my friends, is why I write. (Well, that and the fact that I’m not sure what else to do with the voices in my head.)

I have other favorite moments too. Like spending the day getting to know my table mate, Colleen Clayton, and my neighbor at the table next to us, NYT bestselling author, Katherine Howe. Discussing “Great YA Reads” for an hour as part of a panel with a group of super talented YA authors. Hanging out with a bunch of my of YA author friends. Meeting a slew of teachers and librarians who were on the hunt for good books to take back to their readers. Simply being around all of those readers and authors and books – their very nearness inspiring, uplifting, and validating. And, the highlight of all highlights, meeting my latest fave NYT bestselling author, Gillian Flynn. It was a surreal moment where I fell into Blubbering Idiot mode. But I’m okay with that. Gone Girl is most definitely a book to blubber about. (Did I mention that there was ONE TABLE between us for the entire day? I felt as if I were basking in her greatness. CrAzY!)

The best part of all, though, is that Books by the Banks is an annual event, which means that if you missed the festival this year, you can plan to attend in 2013.

Because I love pictures, I’ll close with a few shots that highlight my day . . .


Me with Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, Dark Places, and Sharp Objects.

(I’m in total fangirl freak-out mode here, but trying to hold it together.)


Me and Colleen Clayton, author of the recently released What Happens Next.

My neighbor, Katherine Howe, author of The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (ah-mazing) and her latest, The House of Velvet and Glass.

A sampling of YA authors who attended the event:

Colleen Clayton – What Happens Next

Rae Carson – The Girl of Fire and Thorns and Crown of Embers

Mike Mullin – Ashfall and Ashen Winter

Julia Karr – XVI and Truth

Kristina McBride – The Tension of Opposites and One Moment (but you knew that part, right?)

Me and my lovely friend, Sharon Short, who is the director of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop as well as the author of the upcoming (incredibly beautiful) My One Square Inch of Alaska.

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