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It’s official. My second novel, One Moment, has released! Which means readers can actually buy it! Crazy!

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate the release with family and friends, as well as some people I’d never even met (how cool is that?!) this past Friday evening at my launch party, which was hosted by the Books and Company at The Greene in Dayton, Ohio. It’s a gorgeous store! The first time I walked through the doors and stepped inside this particular Books and Company (years before I had completed my first manuscript, but already dreaming of the release), I looked at my husband and told him that some day I would sign my very own books at the location. I love being right! Especially in this instance.

Books and Company – The Greene – Dayton, Ohio

This photo was taken BEFORE the storm. Just so you know.

Hours before the party, my husband broke the news that a storm was on its way to town. A really big and powerful storm. I started to worry because I knew that I had several friends and also some family driving in from out of town. Then I let it go – sometimes that’s all you can do – and hoped for the best. The storm couldn’t be THAT bad, could it?

Um. Yes. It could be THAT bad. Actually, it could be WORSE.

About an hour before I was scheduled to leave home to head for Books and Company, the wind hit. I’m talking record-breaking gusts of 75+mph. And then the rain started to fall. Along with some massive trees. Which meant power lines were dropping as well. LIVE power lines, causing mass power outages as the police blocked roads all over town. And I haven’t even mentioned the insane lightning streaking across the sky. When it was time for me to leave, I took a deep breath and slid into the car. Along the way, I had to dodge several fallen trees sprawling across my path, avoid a detour due to downed power lines, all while watching the sky for any possible funnel clouds. It was a Freaky Friday, that’s for sure.

Lucky for me, the storm was fast-moving. By the time I arrived at Books and Company, the rain had slowed to not-quite-torrential, and I had some hope that I might not be the only person celebrating the launch of One Moment. As the beginning of the event approached, people started streaming in – friends and family, some really cool people I’d never even met before, as well as a super-incredible group of author friends (several still shaking from the insanity of their drives in to town).

I started by thanking lots of people (gratitude is so important in life!), then introduced the premise of my novel and talked a bit about the inspiration behind the story. I took a few minutes to read the first section of chapter two, titled “The Ripple of My Fear”, and then opened up for a super-cool Q&A session. Lots of great questions came at me, but my favorite moment was when my son, who is 4 years old, raised his arm and started waving his little hand in the air. I was a bit nervous, unsure what he might say if I called on him, because, really, you never know with kids, but I took a risk. Sitting in the middle of the crowd, The Boy Child didn’t have a question. He simply wanted to share one thing: “I love you, Mommy.” (Melting again just thinking about it!)

I then offered up a few prizes and sat down for an epic signing where I only had a minute or two to talk to each person patient enough to come through the line. (I hate that part! If only I could REALLY talk to everyone!)

Bottom line? In spite of the insane storm (one guest described his drive to Dayton as being “just like a scene from that movie Twister!”) the launch was a total success!  Thanks to all who braved the weather to make it out! And thanks to all who wished they could be there, but  couldn’t!

Because pictures make every post a little more sparkly, I’m posting some highlights here. Enjoy!


Me, The Girl Child, and The Boy Child


Some of My Awesome Author Friends

Katrina Kittle and Sharon Short

Linda Gerber, Jennifer McGowan, Me, Rae Carson, Kay Cassidy

My Presentaion

My Signing

Super-cool bloggers from We Heart YA!

My cousin and her children (I have the best family ever!)


My first reader, a talented writer herself, Janet Irvin.


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