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Book + Festival = Fun

I love a good book festival. I mean, Book + Festival = Fun, right? Books by the Banks in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of my favorite annual events. This year was no exception. At least a hundred authors attended. Thousands of book-buyers wandered through the convention center throughout the day. There’s so much to do! Shop, hit panel discussions, drop by the Kids’ Corner and/or Teen Scene.

The Teen Scene had to be my favorite spot. The theme for the day? STRANGER THINGS, which has to be one of the best new shows I’ve watched in a long time. There was also a photo booth! And tons of candy (bonus!). I spent an hour “Speed Dating,” which was such a blast. I also participated in a Lip Synch Battle. It one of those I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this-but-I’m-having-fun-anyway moments that we all have at some point in our lives. Overall, Books by the Banks was such a fantastic day. Meeting new people, especially people who love to read, and talking about books is one of my very favorite things.


The theme of the day? STRANGER THINGS! This wall of old-school Christmas lights made me ridiculously happy.


Lauren Gibaldi, Mindy McGinnis, Natalie D. Richards, Kristina McBride, Mindee Arnett


Lauren and me – Photo Booth fun!


So many YA authors!


Natalie D Richards, Suzie Townsend, Mindee Arnett


Melissa Landers, Jennifer McGowan, Natalie D. Richards, Kristina McBride, Lauren Gibaldi


Me with my table mate, Shari Goldhagen


A Wild Thing!


The author pavilion, brimming with Authors, Readers, and Books!


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