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Beavercreek High School – Author Visit

This past summer, my first novel, THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES, was required reading for Beavercreek High School. The entire high school. That’s grades 9-12. I don’t think I need to explain how amazing this was, but just in case, it was very amazing. In addition, I booked a full-day author visit. Which was also amazing. I love working with students, teens especially, and to have a full day to hang with an entire high school full of students who have read my book? Well, it was a dream-come-true moment.

I spent the day in the BHS auditorium, a large and beautiful space that was the perfect setting for my four grade-level assemblies, each of which consisted of an audience in the 650+ range. My main presentation – “How Kristina Learned to Cha-Cha” – outlined my journey to publication as well as some of the nitty-gritty details of the publishing world. I also worked with three smaller groups of young writers, leading a workshop-style analysis of the essential building blocks for any story and plot.

The day was an exhausting whirlwind of people and questions and pictures, but I left feeling energized and motivated, ready to dive in to my next round of edits for THE BAKERSVILLE DOZEN, my fourth novel, a campy suspense/thriller that will release in July of 2017.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to sign 2,500+ books during my one-day BHS visit. But I wanted to offer students the chance to have copies personalized, so I scheduled a nearby event. I’ll be at the Beavercreek Barnes & Noble on Saturday, August 27th, from 2-4 pm. Students may bring in copies of the books they have already purchased. The event is free. No purchase is required, however, my latest title, A MILLION TIMES GOODNIGHT, will also be available.

I want to offer the students, staff, and administration of BHS a huge thank you for making this such a special event.




One of my favorite quotes, which applies to real life as well as the writing life, was the theme of my grade-level assemblies: “Optimist: Someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like the Cha-Cha.”


One of my grade-level assemblies


Writers’ Workshop


My notecards, which I use to plot an idea, before, during, and after drafting.


Another grade-level assembly.


Writers’ Workshop


Writers’ Workshop

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