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Siemens Electronic Agreement System

Siemens Healthineers and IBM Germany are presenting an open digital platform that will boost German healthcare networking and expand the infrastructure for providing digital services. Both partners bring together their experience and expertise for the project. “This platform is the architect of the digital transformation of the healthcare sector and lays the foundation for stakeholder networking,” said Christian Kaiser, Head of Central Western Europe Digital Services, Siemens Healthineers. “For example, we can take full advantage of existing and future digital medical records if patient information is complete, up-to-date and available to all parties involved and duly authorized.” 3.5 Use and Protection of Proprietary Files. Log files, data files, rules files and script files generated by or for the EDA software (together the “Files”), including, but not limited to, files containing the standard Verification Rule Format (“SVRF”) and the Tcl Verification (TVF) format, which are SISW`s trade secret and proprietary languages for expressing process rules, constitute or contain confidential information of SISW. The customer may share files with third parties, with the exception of competitors of the EDA, provided that the confidentiality of these files is protected at least by a written agreement and that the customer protects other information of a similar nature or meaning, but, in any case, with at least appropriate care. The customer can only use files containing svRF or TVF with the EDA software. Under no circumstances may the customer use software or EDA files or authorize their use for the purpose of developing, improving or marketing products that are competitive in any way with the EDA software. The provisions of this section shall apply even after the expiry or termination of the contract. (c) hosting of software by third parties; Compensation.

Customer may only commission a third party with SISW`s prior written consent to host software (“Provider”). SISW may require a separate written agreement as a precondition for such consent. The software hosted by a provider shall at all times remain under the exclusive control of the customer, unless the management and operation of the software by the provider is expressly approved by SISW, in which case the customer ensures that the provider manages and operates the software in accordance with this agreement and exclusively for the internal commercial purposes of the customer; as permitted. If the customer becomes aware of any unauthorized use or disclosure of the software, he must immediately terminate the provider`s access to the software. A breach of this Agreement by a Supplier constitutes an infringement by the Customer. The Client shall exempt SISW and its associates from any claims, damages, fines and costs (including attorneys` fees and expenses) related to the Client`s use of the Provider`s services. The customer will inform SISW if the provider or its activities in question are under the control of a third party, in which case SISW may revoke its prior consent. 9.10 Global Agreement and Classification.

This Agreement constitutes the complete and complete agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter of the Contract and supersedes all prior or simultaneous written or oral agreements or communications or arrangements with respect to such subject matter. This Agreement may only be amended in writing by manual signatures or electronic signatures of authorized representatives of both Parties. In the event of an objection between this SEA and any other additional conditions, priority shall be given to the additional conditions. In the event of an objection between this Agreement and an Order, the order shall have priority with respect to the products or services ordered under this Agreement. .

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