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Difference Of Appointment And Agreement

Letters of offer and letters of appointment are the two formal versions of an employment contract provided during the recruitment process. However, their purposes are unique. If I recognized the difference in one line, I would have said that the letter of offer would be issued when a candidate was shortlisted and the letter of appointment, after the format of the letter of offer had been accepted by the potential collaborator. But if we have the freedom to dive deeper, why not? So let`s examine together what these two notions mean to better understand the difference. In most cases, a company only repeats information already discussed with a candidate during job interviews and the letter of offer. The letter of appointment is considered more formal than the letter of offer and can often be used as a contract or proof of employment for credit applications and other purposes. A letter of offer is an informal job offer that is usually made to confirm an oral agreement. Letters of offer are not designed as contracts – they simply summarize the employer`s job offer for future employment. The offer letter informs candidates that they have a job and describes what they should do next, while the appointment letter contains more details about the job after the offer has been accepted. A letter of appointment or offer within the meaning of the Occupational Health and Safety Act is prescribed by law under certain provisions and provisions of the Act. All such appointment letters/offers must be in writing. And it shouldn`t just be an email.

The letter must contain information on the exact position in which the new employer is appointed and must contain precise details of the remuneration. It is worth mentioning the expected launch date of the new employee. It should also contain all the details of the requirements before the offer is fully valid. (z.B. a certified copy of a valid driver`s licence may be required and the potential employer may have it verified. Dates should be set for those conditions. It should be signed by both the potential employee and the employer Not all companies issue appointment letters, but those that do only send the letter after the letter of offer has been accepted, as these letters contain details about the work that someone only needs to know when they have accepted a date of employment. The letter of appointment usually contains details about where the employee should report for work, the start date of the position, the expected work plan and the employee`s agreed salary, which may differ from that indicated in the letter of offer when both parties negotiated the final salary after the letter of offer was sent. There are some employees who, by law, must have an appointment letter refining their specific health and safety obligations.

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