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California Law Non Disclosure Agreements

Such disclosure to a party who may or may not actually purchase the business requires the protection of secrets where the transaction is not concluded and confidentiality agreements may offer such protection. 6. In addition, neither party may use for its own purposes the information received from such disclosures, nor may it use for its own purposes commercial policy contacts or links resulting from the disclosure, nor to recruit staff from the other. These “contacts” remain the property of the disclosing party. 8. Each Party shall promptly communicate to the other Party the date and circumstances relating to the loss or unauthorized disclosure of documents, drawings, descriptions in texts or models relating to the information, and the Party that disclosed such information shall ensure that the information is disclosed by the Party to whom the information was disclosed; are returned. In this context, the confidentiality agreement is discussed in this article. Situations in which a confidentiality agreement or confidentiality agreement should be used: 7. Specific information disclosed by one of the parties shall not be considered publicly available or held by the other party simply because it is accepted by more general information available to the public or by previous general information held by the other party.

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