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Teacher Employment Agreements

Further reading is needed on this subject, as these are mandatory measures. Schools must abide by the terms of an agent`s collective agreement. Schools must also ensure that they check their staff. There is no legislation that prevents school teachers or professionals working in institutions of thought for children under 3 years of age (za-zenté pro pei o d`ti do 3 let) or groups of children (tské skupiny) from changing careers if they choose to do so. The labour code allows education workers, like all other employees, to end their work with a period of two months. The employer and the worker may agree at any time to terminate the employment contract and the contract is valid if both parties agree, and this in writing. A worker may be dismissed unilaterally by an employer under the conditions set by the various provisions of the labour code (or at any time in agreement with the employer) which are legally binding. Once you have completed one month of service, your employer has a minimum legal right to one week`s notice, with an additional week for each year of service completed, within the 12-week limit. Most teachers are subject to the conditions of the Burgundy book setting the required notice periods. Individual allowances may be paid for ongoing services of excellence in the workplace or for additional work. B, for example for regular activities such as managing a school library, checking school materials, organizing school competitions, mentoring and supporting other teachers, more difficult work in classrooms that integrate students with special needs, etc. This can be 50% (in some cases, up to 100%) the rate of pay for the highest pay bracket in the pay category. The amount and criteria of these salary elements are not set by law and are left to the discretion of the director.

The collective agreement can set more specific criteria for subsidizing employers who end up. When a head of school decides to pay this allowance, he is paid monthly until the director decides otherwise (but he cannot be removed unless the facts leading to his award are valid). Academies, free schools and independent schools are not legally obliged to recruit teachers under these conditions. If they do not engage in direct pedagogical activity or other activities in which they must remain in school (welcoming students, replacing the co-worker, participating in school boards, etc.), teachers may work in a place other than the school or school. On days when there is no teaching and teachers do not take time off, they must perform teaching-related work (unless they take study or compensatory leave). The abolition of education is not common in the Czech Republic. If a teacher is absent, students may be sent home if the cancelled subject is the last lesson of the day (for older students), otherwise supervision of students is provided (i.e. the replacement of an absent teacher or teaching in other classes).

You and your employer can agree that your employment contract expires on a specific date if a particular event occurs or at the end of a particular project, provided the following 3 conditions are met. class teacher (or department head of a conservatory (konzervato) or a primary art school (e.g. K.O., for leck-kola) or study group leader in a higher vocational school (vyé odborné kola) – 500 to 1300 CZK per month (120 to 50 EUR; EUR/CZK 27.345 – 19 October 2020) The head of school may assign a so-called head teacher to a new teacher who assists him at the beginning of the teaching practice (tutoring).

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