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Stipulation Or Agreement

n. an agreement, usually in the case of proceedings, between lawyers for both parties in a legal action. Some provisions are oral, but courts often require the provision to be written, signed and submitted to the court. It is also important to have a lawyer involved so that the interests of each person are represented by their respective lawyers, even if both agree with the terms. Garden City NY divorce lawyers can also help propose changes to this agreement in order to make it fairer if necessary. When a couple decides to divorce, all of their custody, custody, support and property distributions are resolved either by a judge after the trial or, in most cases, by mutual agreement between the parties. This agreement is established after full disclosure of the finances of both parties, valuations/assessments of marital assets, such as a home, annuity and/or business, and, in some cases, expert advice on liability plans. Once the “discovery phase” is complete, lawyers for both parties negotiate terms to find a solution and include those conditions in an agreement. This agreement must be signed by each person and certified notarized before it can become binding. Before such an agreement is reached, the outgoing couple should hire New York lawyers to defend their best interests.

Since there is a legal component related to a marital transaction contract, a lawyer must be involved in every step of the process. At Fass and Greenberg, our Gartenstadt divorce lawyers are aware of the stages of the divorce and can give you the legal advice you need. If you have entered into and signed the agreement, a lawyer can assist in the development of the amendments. However, before these changes can be made, both parties must approve them and understand that they will be necessary in the future. The most important thing is that all changes to the agreement must be signed by both parties with the same formality, that is, notarized and recognized, with the same formality as the original agreement. If you need the help of a lawyer to establish a marital transaction contract and you have other questions, contact Fass-Greenberg for a consultation.

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