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Rpa Abb Peace Agreement

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Dinoh Dolina, Commander 3ID, again called on the leaders of other local communist groups in the region to draw inspiration from the RPA-ABB, which is talking to the government, so that valid issues can be resolved peacefully. From 2016, the peace agreement signed by the RPA-ABB with the Estrada administration has yet to be fully implemented. Nilo dela Cruz and a group of former RPA-ABB members, who called themselves the “Democratic Front for Filipinism,” issued a statement supporting Rodrigo Dutertte`s war on drugs and his “revolution against the oligarchs and exploiters of the Philippine masses.” [4] JAMINDAN, Capiz — President Carlito G. Galvez Jr.`s peace adviser said Tuesday that the government`s agreement with the Rebolusyonaryong Partido Ng Manggagawa-Pilipinas/Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao-Tabara Paduano Group (RPM-P/RPA-ABB-TPG) is a successful example of local work. During the dialogue with the RPM-P/RPA-ABB-TPG/Kapatiran para his Progresibong Panlipunan (KAPATIRAN) in this commune, Galvez found that the transition plan implemented by the government was part of the overall approach of President Rodrigo R. Duterte`s EO-70 Directive to end the local communist insurgency and achieve inclusive peace. Meanwhile, Peace, Reconciliation and Unity Advisor Carlito Galvez congratulated Kapatiran for supporting the achievements of his peace agreement with the government. Transition Plan During his visit to Western Negros on March 8, Galvez said OPAPP had already provided about 500 million PHP in accordance with the transition plan, which includes social protection programs, capacity development, life and employment assistance, housing assistance and financial assistance to 727 veterans and their families. These programs will support the five components of the Clarificatory Implementing Document (CID), namely the provision of weapons and armed forces (DAF) and security measures; the social and economic reintegration of the RPMP/RPA/ABB-TPG/KAPATIRAN; release of alleged perpetrators of political offences; The transformation of members into civil organizations engaged in socio-economic and political activities; and the dividends of peace in the Community. The Peace Adviser noted that assistance to beneficiaries was part of President Duterte`s commitment to respect all peace agreements during his tenure.

Napakahalaga na hindi lang natatapos sa isang pirmahan ang usaping pangkapayapaan. Hangarin namin ang pangarap ng ating pangulo na mabigyan kayo ng magandang buhay (The peace process does not end with the signing of an agreement. We also want to realize the president`s dream of giving you a better life,” he said. Proletarian Revolutionary Army – Alex Boncayao`s Brigade participated in peace negotiations negotiated by Eduardo Cojuangco Jr[2] with the government of Joseph Estrada in 1999; A ceasefire was established in December 2000. This development led to a vehement condemnation of Filemon Lagman, who once controlled the Alex Boncayao Brigade; In a press release, he called RPA`s Arturo Tabara and ABB leader Nilo dela Cruz “thugs disguised as revolutionaries.” [3] In 2003, relations between the RPA-ABB and the Communist Party of the Philippines deteriorated so much that the New People`s Army, the military wing of the CPC, began launching attacks against the RPA-ABB. [4] Arturo Tabara, president of the RPM-P, was assassinated in Manila in 2004. [2] “With the courageous gesture of RPA-ABB to keep its promise to deliver its firearms and assume full loyalty to the government, we see that just and lasting peace in Negros and Panay is within reach.

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