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Execution Agreement Vertaling

9.1 If the client is unable to meet his obligations, if the client is declared bankrupt or has filed a bankruptcy application, if the client has requested or obtained a suspension of payment, if the client is subject, as a natural person, to a rescheduling regime or if his business has been liquidated, the Translation Bureau is authorized to terminate all or part of the contract and cease to perform it without any obligation to reduce the debt. The Translation Bureau may also require immediate payment of the amounts due. 9.3 If the Translation Bureau is forced by force to suspend the performance of the contract, it reserves the right to pay for the work performed up to that date and the costs incurred or the advances paid. 8.7 The client also frees the translation office from any claim by third parties for alleged violations of property rights, patents, copyrights or other intellectual rights during the performance of the contract. 4.3 Barring an express contrary agreement, the Translation Bureau has the right to authorize the partial or full execution of an order by third parties without infringing on the responsibility of the Translation Bureau to ensure the confidentiality and correct execution of the order. The Translation Bureau requires these third parties to remain confidential. The Translation Bureau is not responsible for violations of the confidentiality of staff members if it is reasonably able to prove that it could not have prevented this breach. 8.5 The Translation Bureau is not responsible for the damage or loss of documents, data or materials provided for the performance of the contract. The Translation Bureau is also not responsible for the costs and/or damage caused by the use of information technology (IT) and telecommunications, the transport of data or media, or the presence of computer viruses in the file or data media of the Translation Bureau 6.1. In addition to the fees, the translation office may charge the customer a fee related to the execution of the order.

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