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Employee Non-Compete Agreement Template

Use these 37 free non-compete agreement (MS Word) templates to create your own comprehensive agreement for upcoming projects. It`s obvious. You must include the names of the protected party, that is, your company, and the consenting party, that is.dem employees who cannot work against the protected party. Since the restrictions are mandatory after a non-competition agreement has been signed, it is essential to obtain financial relief from your employer. You should inform them of your expectations while you work for them, such as benefits, promotion opportunities, ability to work with different departments, etc. If you are an employer who wants to protect your business, why not use our free and fully customizable PDF model for non-competitive agreements to speed up the contract process? When employees complete the attached form, this model of non-competitive agreements immediately converts their information into polished business PDFs to – simply download, print for your records and automatically email them to employees. The purpose of a non-compete agreement is generally to protect an employer by preventing a worker from working for a nearby competitor or from acting independently in the same sector. A non-compete agreement prevents employees from disclosing valuable information (business secrets). Often, a non-competition clause requires that a person cannot practice a similar profession for a certain period of time. Non-Compete/ Disclosure – Gives the employer the option of preventing an employee from disclosing the company`s business secrets or starting another business of the same nature.

It requires that an employee not come into contact with competitors of the company, current and/or former customers, as well as current and/or former employees of the company. It should not be necessary for every employee in your company to submit a non-compete agreement. It is recommended to be selective in the decision regarding employee positions, as no staff member has access to information that may in any way harm your business. Once you`ve defined the positions to sign, indicate them in your corporate policy so that the rule is applied consistently throughout the organization. Similarly, the information technology industry sees a whole series of non-competition agreements, as computer scientists are often familiar with information that must remain within the company`s boundaries. Such agreements also exist in the manufacturing sector, in the business sector and in the financial sector.

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