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Beavercreek High School – Summer Reading List

THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES has been chosen as a school-wide summer reading requirement for Beavercreek High School. Such an honor! That means every single student from grades 9-12 will read my very first novel. I’ll then visit the students at the end of August, leading large group assemblies where I’ll share my journey to publication, plus smaller writing workshops with creative writing students. I am beyond excited.


All of this, however, has opened up the tiny little issue of getting over 2,000 books to the Dayton area in a record amount of time. Now there are rumors that the book is out of print. Some people are feeling frustrated and confused (which I totally understand, trust me), so I thought it might be worth clarifying some of these issues.


First of all, THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES is NOT out of print. This title did, however, have a change of publisher when Egmont USA closed in January of 2015 (a very difficult time for many authors). Lerner Publishing took over the sales and distribution. Sadly, my second title, ONE MOMENT, is out of print, which I think fueled some of these rumors. Thankfully, this title will be reissued in January of 2017. With a new cover! Which I am to-die-for excited about.


Back to the issue at hand. How to find a copy of THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES? Like, now.


I have had contact with several area bookstores and have been assured that copies of THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES will be available by week’s end. The local library also has a large amount of copies on order. While the book is not available on Amazon (something I’m looking into), it is available to order online through Lerner Publishing. The cost is $8.99.

Click on the book cover below to follow the link to Lerner’s page for THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES.


Please accept my apologies for any confusion. I am beyond excited that this title has been chosen as a school-wide read and cannot wait to visit the students of Beavercreek High in a few short months!



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